{August 18, 2009}   He Proposed!!!

M engagement ring

Okay… yesterday was one of this month’s finest. It was the day my bobo proposed ooo and believe me though he has said it times without number that he is going to do that soon, I never expected it.

Would I call it a romantic setting? oh yeah, it was cos anything that has to do with the both of us is romantic. Take it or leave it! Hmnn… and I was so stunned and excited that I cant even bring myself to shout.

Bobo sent someone to pick me up from my office and we got to his crib safely… and uphsss! Stressed up Moi was ready to jump into the bed and sleep off cos I was so so tired believe me.

He got my favourite wine ready and made the right mix for me and I was busy savoring it, nothing was unusual though because the wine is always ready for me anyday I come and he is always the usual romantic hunk he is.

So back to story sha, I gulped down my wine and ask for a second helping even though my cup was not empty yet… Almost rounding up second helping, My eyes caught sight of two round object and I almost choked as I laugh out loud.

He knelt down and ask me to marry him..mine oh mine!

What I said abi? Why una dey ask me that kain question? Of course I said yes though I was blushing sha… thank God the light was dim sha so he no fit see my rosy cheek.lol. Even if he see am nko jare, e sweet my belle so biko!

Anyway, how una dey my people?

I think I am back for good o, not only think, I also hope.

Love you all.




leggy says:

wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww……im so happy for you.

aydot says:

Thanks Leggy.
How have you been my dear?

Rose says:

Congratulations!!..Which translates into free AshoEbi for us all!! LOL..

aydot says:

Thanks Rose o, na real free aso ebi for the first ten well wishers..lmao!
*jokes* hahahahahaha

BSNC says:

awwww congratulations ohh. awww this so lovely… *sniff sniff*

chayoma says:

it’s my first time here and i am blessed with WEDDING BELLS!
it is a beaurriful thing.
i am so excited.
wedding plans…
i gats to follow this up!

aydot says:

Thanks Chayoma, na joy joy wedding bells o, lol
@BSNC, thanks love and lol at that *sniff*sniff* o, hahahahaha

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