{May 11, 2009}   The Warning..

Peeps, you won’t want to believe what transpired between Moi and my dad as I got back home on Sunday evening, that is yesterday…hmnn.

On getting to the gate around 7:30pm, my dad was already at the gate and he told me I aignt coming in.. I was like uphhs!…what is brewing up in here?

He said something like me going out of the house to sleep outside, he was not aware of it…blablablabla…and I just stood there transfixed thanking Jehovah it is dark already and savouring the pleasure that it is just too dark for my eyes to give me away..

He locked up the gate and told everyone in the house to bark off as he will make sure I spend the night outside.. or better still, I should go back to where I was coming from…

My mum was just making faces at me to be quiet and should not just say anything..

I felt really bad as I thought this man really is not being fair. Does he think going from Agbado to Victoria Island (Lagos, Nigeria) is really a nice cheap trip people would gladly take?

I think I need to move out of this house as the rate at which we get to disagree this days is way too disturbing and believe me peeps I need a break! A really good break!!!

Enjoy your day you all, I’m going to try and see if I can come back later on to brief you all about my day in the evening.

Luv yah.




Sassy says:

Waoh, you’ll have to take it slowly babes, it is well.
Just discovering this blog, nice one reaallllyyyy nice….

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