{May 11, 2009}   My Weekend was Waoooh…

Watz good peoples!
How has your weekend been?  M
ine was a mixture of pain and pleasure…

Well, haven closed from work around 8:30pm -think I told you guys I stayed long at the office ‘cos of my Monthly Performance Review on friday,  I had to wait for a colleague of mine to get a free ride home since it was way to dark and shuttling for buses would be a no-no.

Mine called earlier to tell me “HE” had landed at the airport and would be expecting me at his crib and believe me I was still contemplating going or not that night as I beleive “HE” is just coming in and would need to rest a bit before I carry my wahala go meet am…lol

My colleague dropped me at the nearest bus stop to my destination and I sighed at the mere pleasure of saving a great deal ‘cos I am flat broke to the bone and spending just anyhow is way too over the board as I have to save the little I have you know…

I took a taxi from there down to “HIS” crib and called “HIM” when I got to the gate. I think “HE” is really looking fresh and yumtuous and I actually felt that notch at the tip of my belle…hmnn…

After the normal hallos and I really miss you talk, I took my shower and stared at the bed with a giggle when I saw the cami and pantie he bought for me to use for that night under the covers…
Jeez!…this guy of mine is way to roo-maan–tiic….hmnnnn

We talked, laffed and actually enjoyed eachother’s company, just the way it has always been…

And the sex, hmnnn….exotica! Yeah…that is just the word….

His erection was massive and olalacious and I can’t wait to get “HIS” dick inside of me, I felt a nod of pain as “HE” slide into me and started the pounding, I came over and over and over again even before he had “HIS” own orgasm.
The sex was good, and I had a nice time believe me , and the night drags on lazily…

Think you all had heard  enuff already as I am going to get back to work…

Cheers you all




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