{October 19, 2010}   What is it with men and porn?

Mehn…I’m so freaking out!

Abii how can I really explain this…this is so unfair and it so SUCKS!!!

Point is there is a difference between a man who sits at home all day and watches porn on the TV or on a kinda DVD…and a man who sits at home all day and watches pictures of all his nude facebook female friends and send them pictures of his own D*** as well… Is it me that’s being so possessive nii or is it truly wrong?

‘Cos that’s the nature of the guy I fell in love with and the guy I’m walking the aisle with…I need to get this right or I’m really gonna freak out real good!

And oh yeah…PYS is back on Blogsville for real… Howdy people!





{August 18, 2009}   He Proposed!!!

M engagement ring

Okay… yesterday was one of this month’s finest. It was the day my bobo proposed ooo and believe me though he has said it times without number that he is going to do that soon, I never expected it.

Would I call it a romantic setting? oh yeah, it was cos anything that has to do with the both of us is romantic. Take it or leave it! Hmnn… and I was so stunned and excited that I cant even bring myself to shout.

Bobo sent someone to pick me up from my office and we got to his crib safely… and uphsss! Stressed up Moi was ready to jump into the bed and sleep off cos I was so so tired believe me.

He got my favourite wine ready and made the right mix for me and I was busy savoring it, nothing was unusual though because the wine is always ready for me anyday I come and he is always the usual romantic hunk he is.

So back to story sha, I gulped down my wine and ask for a second helping even though my cup was not empty yet… Almost rounding up second helping, My eyes caught sight of two round object and I almost choked as I laugh out loud.

He knelt down and ask me to marry him..mine oh mine!

What I said abi? Why una dey ask me that kain question? Of course I said yes though I was blushing sha… thank God the light was dim sha so he no fit see my rosy cheek.lol. Even if he see am nko jare, e sweet my belle so biko!

Anyway, how una dey my people?

I think I am back for good o, not only think, I also hope.

Love you all.



{June 23, 2009}   Pregnant?!!!

Okay, believe me I am not married even though baby love has kids and ex’s but believe me I don’t think he is ready to have more babies now even though he confirmed otherwise but mbano!….. I don’t think so.

So you can imagine my fears when I missed my periods for three months at a go (it has never been regular though) but there is something about this feel I had in me… I have had sex (unprotective sex) for close to two months at a close range and now I’m so feeling pregnant.

Wanted to do so many things like going to the nearest Pharmacy store to get a pregnancy testing kits or just go to the hospital and do a test but hell-to-da-no, I was as scared as a little kitten in the midst of a pack of wolves. I was feeling pregnant…lmao! Don’t know why but I was having the feel.

Off I went to goggle so many things on Mr. Goggle; I typed in words like “First sign of pregnancy”, “First trimester”, and bla-di-bla…lol. I did it with so much gusto, you go think sey e pass getting belle!

What would it look like really? All dem fine gurl shakara go stop and all dem toasters go start to dey jabo. You go hear stuffs like; “With all this shakara, na belle you go carry” and so many things …hmnnn! I go die!!!

But to be sincere I am a big girl o, a very big girl at that and I aint scared of sort shit as far as I go hide for somewhere so that I no go break my mama’s dear heart. The woman don suffer too much because of me and I don’t think getting pregnant is the kind of thingy she will appreciate.

Back to baby love, I love him dearly and though we are having some troubles of late, I use to have this thought that we were meant to be together and life with him is so much bliss and joy. It’s more like having a peace that warms and comfort the soul. We disagree a thousand and one times and we disagree to agree…. Back to pregnancy………………………

He told me one day (during this pregnancy feel days) that he dreamt that I was pregnant and that when was the last time I saw my period, I just laughed and waved it off. What dah fuck in God’s name!!!….lol lol. Pregnant nikan Ni, this one Na alakoba o…

One of the signs I read of include: A metallic test in the mouth, Nausea (I so feel that one pa and I felt like… mogbe!) Extreme tirednesss, Food cravings amongst others.. and to cap it all I felt all these things.

So I brave all odds and went to the Pharmacy store wey I know sey I no go come back to again in my life, I bought the pregnancy thing and in a haste to get the hell out of the place, I forgot to ask the Doctor in charge tips on how to use it as he was busy staring at my left fourth finger (Not that he could see it anyway cos I clenched it into a firm knuckle). What was he feeling like gan? I’m I too young to be a bride or wetin gan? Mchew!!!

When I got home and find out that I have wasted my money because the thing I buy self I no sabi use am, I felt so so bad. (Tips on how to use a Pregnancy Testing kit is needed though incase of another time cos I still have the stuff at home – of course hidden securely where my mama no go see am, so don’t worry about that, I’m well covered..Lol)

I hissed allover and had another session of turbulent sleep with baby dreams here and there…. So the next day, after work I mustered all courage and heeded for a small clinic in a hidden place in Agege, I don forget the name though. When I entered the place gan, I felt like throwing up but hey no going back because the place is just the ideal place and I won’t have to follow unnecessary procedures because I want to do pregnancy test.

When I got inside the durty place…Lol, I told the receptionist what I wanted to do without even batting an eyelid. If she dare give that unpleasant curious glance, I’m going to bash her silly! She didn’t even ask me nada! She just collected my urine sample and told me to give her 10minutes, after that she came out, wrote one report like that and told me point blank that “IT’S NEGATIVE”

Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez!!! I breathe fresh air as I heave a great sigh of relief. Waoh! At last….

I walked down the road briskly to get a bus and I tore the paper into shredded bits… Oh my…

I was no more feeling pregnant…. Pregnant my ar***…




{May 11, 2009}   The Warning..

Peeps, you won’t want to believe what transpired between Moi and my dad as I got back home on Sunday evening, that is yesterday…hmnn.

On getting to the gate around 7:30pm, my dad was already at the gate and he told me I aignt coming in.. I was like uphhs!…what is brewing up in here?

He said something like me going out of the house to sleep outside, he was not aware of it…blablablabla…and I just stood there transfixed thanking Jehovah it is dark already and savouring the pleasure that it is just too dark for my eyes to give me away..

He locked up the gate and told everyone in the house to bark off as he will make sure I spend the night outside.. or better still, I should go back to where I was coming from…

My mum was just making faces at me to be quiet and should not just say anything..

I felt really bad as I thought this man really is not being fair. Does he think going from Agbado to Victoria Island (Lagos, Nigeria) is really a nice cheap trip people would gladly take?

I think I need to move out of this house as the rate at which we get to disagree this days is way too disturbing and believe me peeps I need a break! A really good break!!!

Enjoy your day you all, I’m going to try and see if I can come back later on to brief you all about my day in the evening.

Luv yah.



{May 11, 2009}   My Weekend was Waoooh…

Watz good peoples!
How has your weekend been?  M
ine was a mixture of pain and pleasure…

Well, haven closed from work around 8:30pm -think I told you guys I stayed long at the office ‘cos of my Monthly Performance Review on friday,  I had to wait for a colleague of mine to get a free ride home since it was way to dark and shuttling for buses would be a no-no.

Mine called earlier to tell me “HE” had landed at the airport and would be expecting me at his crib and believe me I was still contemplating going or not that night as I beleive “HE” is just coming in and would need to rest a bit before I carry my wahala go meet am…lol

My colleague dropped me at the nearest bus stop to my destination and I sighed at the mere pleasure of saving a great deal ‘cos I am flat broke to the bone and spending just anyhow is way too over the board as I have to save the little I have you know…

I took a taxi from there down to “HIS” crib and called “HIM” when I got to the gate. I think “HE” is really looking fresh and yumtuous and I actually felt that notch at the tip of my belle…hmnn…

After the normal hallos and I really miss you talk, I took my shower and stared at the bed with a giggle when I saw the cami and pantie he bought for me to use for that night under the covers…
Jeez!…this guy of mine is way to roo-maan–tiic….hmnnnn

We talked, laffed and actually enjoyed eachother’s company, just the way it has always been…

And the sex, hmnnn….exotica! Yeah…that is just the word….

His erection was massive and olalacious and I can’t wait to get “HIS” dick inside of me, I felt a nod of pain as “HE” slide into me and started the pounding, I came over and over and over again even before he had “HIS” own orgasm.
The sex was good, and I had a nice time believe me , and the night drags on lazily…

Think you all had heard  enuff already as I am going to get back to work…

Cheers you all



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